Inside the HLI Hall/Auditorium
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Pictures of Harmony Lodge Hall/Auditorium

For those of you who do not want to use the Photo Album to see pictures of our building and hall, we provide this page of pictures. They will take a while to display - there are several of them. You can see the thumbnails of them on the first page of the Photo Album instead.
(If you'd like to see some photos from our early years (the 80's) and bad cameras, go here.)

Our address is 646 E. Epworth, Cincinnati 45232.


Our building in 2007. The entrance is no longer at those many fenced steps at the front on E. Epworth. It's now to the left (at the west corner on N. Edgewood) with a ramp instead of steps.

building in 2007

This is the corner entrance from the outside view:

outside entrance

This is the lobby inside the entrance:


This shows the ramp from the lobby to the hall entrance:


This is the standard setup you will see when you visit. It's also the way it should look when you resetup after your DIY event.

standard setup for 100 people


This is a drawing of the standard setup that you might find useful to print and mark up for changing to suit your function:

drawing of standard setup

This is a view from the stage to the rear of the hall, toward the food and beverage areas and restrooms.

view to rear

bvgarea.JPG foodarea.JPG Thi sshows a closer view of the beverage area:

beverage area

This shows the food area at the rear of the hall. You use this to set up your snacks or dinner and have your guests file in for servings:

food area

The arch over the 4-foot table for a small wedding cake:

cake arch

This shows the hall set up for a wedding before the reception, using our panels and runner:

wedding panels

Here are decorations in red and white for a Christmas party:

red and white deco


Here are decorations for a wedding reception, with chair covers the client rented online (we don't have any).

chairs covered


This was a birthday party given by proud parents.

birthday party


Fun on the dance floor and karaoke on stage near the end of a confirmation party.

fun on dance floor

Our illustrious talented shareholder and current President, doing electrical work in/on our historic building:

Installing fans over the food tables (gets hot back there in summer!). He had to remove/reinstall the beautiful old chandelier to get power to the two new fans:

fans over food


Here he is replacing the motor of our dance floor mirror ball:

mirror ball

mirror ball close