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Harmony Lodge Rentals - Frequently Asked Questions

Is a down payment required?
Yes, to hold the date for you and to apply to the rental. Amount varies with time and circumstances, currently $195 for a DIY rental, and $300 for an Enhanced rental. Cash, a money order, or a cashier's check are accepted - sorry, no personal checks or credit cards.
When is the remainder due?
Can be paid in installments or in full any time before the event. If not paid before two weeks prior (14 days) there is a late fee of $25.00. Again, no personal checks or credit cards.
What if I have to cancel the event - do I get my money back?
HLI keeps $75.00 for agent, rental, and service costs. The remainder of the down payment will be refunded if the cancellation is within 30 days prior to the date. After 30 days prior, no refund of don payment or subsequent payments.
Change of date fee, as opposed to cancellation, is $25.00.
Are there any extra costs?
Yes, if desired, for PA system, wedding rehearsals, etc. See near the bottom of the DIY page.
What about food and drink?
Harmony Lodge has no kitchen or food facilities, and does not provide food or drink, except drinks and snacks for Enhanced rentals. Hiring a caterer works well; however, some renters bring their own food and chafer racks. We provide nothing except plenty of ice for DIY rentals - bring your coolers for drinks (adult beverages andr keg allowed). Some people use gallon jugs of punch, tea, etc., and liter bottles of sodas.  You should bring beverages (that you are providing) at your setup/decorating time, and place them in the walk-in cooler.
Note: If you are having a cake or anything else delivered on a Saturday or Sunday, it should be during your 1-to-2-hour free time – we have no one present at other times on those days.
What do I need to bring for Do-It-Yourself (DIY)?
Food and drink as described above (plus salt & pepper and other condiments), plates, napkins, utensils, serving and cutting utensils. Table coverings (rectangles 8’ x 2 ½’ or 103” x 30” – the plastic coverings sold by party stores are perfect) and/or skirts. You'll need decorations, tape, stapler, lighter for candles or chafing dishes, any other tools you might need, such as screwdriver, pliers, scissors. Comfortable shoes and take-home containers for cleanup time. Remember that no small confetti is allowed (it sifts into our hardwood floors and carpets). Also, no helium balloons unless anchored.
Any special considerations?
For DIY receptions where the guests will arrive prior to the honorees, such as a bride and groom delayed by photographers, etc., you will need to have a person to provide snacks and beverages for the guests since the meal would not be served until later.
What about parking?
As shown on our map, there are two, somrtimes three, free lots available very close by. You can point your guests to the website so they can see the parking areas, and perhaps print the map. There is unloading space for a deejay, caterer, or decorator at the stage entrance on Edgewood Avenue; however, there are 5 steps to navigate.
Can I rearrange the tables and chairs?
Yes. With DIY rentals, you can add or remove tables and chairs from our storage area. You can rearrange a bit, leaving aisles and clearance areas intact. At the end of your rental you and helpers have 1/2 hr. to put everything back the way it was, to help earn your rebate (we have an attendant and a picture to guide you at that time - also see the photo at the bottom of the DIY page and the drawing).
Is there handicap access ?
Yes. The corner entrance has a wheelchair ramp instead of steps. We are currently working on handicap facilities in the restrooms. There is one handicap parking spot in our small lot on Edgewood Avenue, and one in the public lot on Ea. Epworth.
When can I visit the hall?
You can arrange with the rental agent who contacts you after you submit an inquiry with the Request a Date page. Or, you can drop by for a showing, and/or for a contract with down payment, Monday-Friday, 9 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. (avoid the lunch hour). Joe in the Traffic Services office, at the left as you enter, will help you.  Our rental agent does not keep office hours at the hall.
When do I get my rebate (DIY only)?
Our Treasurer will mail you a check within a few days; or at the latest, two weeks.