Inside the HLI Hall/Auditorium
Affordable Hall Rental

Enhanced Rental Packages

We offer three Enhanced rental packages (see also our Do It Yourself rental package page).
Package Prices effective 2/1/2009 – subject to change. Requires down payment at time of contract, currently $300; no personal checks or cc. Balance due 2 weeks prior to event.

We provide the following for all 3 packages:

Package A. Up to 75 People,  $999.00

Package B. 76 to 125 People,  $1,629.00

Package C. 126 to 170 People,  $2,159.00

For common questions, see our FAQuestions page.

Extras are available (prices effective 5/31/11):
Microphone & Speakers (PA System, no deejay music) $50.00
Projector, pc, & operator for your CD/DVD/flash drive photo or video files $50.00
Extra Rental Time $100.00 per hour (must be requested before your date)
Rehearsal and/or Wedding before a Reception $100.00 if extra hour needed on same day/night;
$495.00 if night before


March 30, 2013