Inside the HLI Hall/Auditorium
Affordable Hall Rental

Harmony Lodge DIY Rentals (Do It Yourself)

The DIY package (Do It Yourself) is our most popular, affordable choice for parties and receptions. After reading this page and the Frequently-Asked-Questions page, use the Request a Date form to inquire about a rental.

You Do It: Provide food & drink (by a caterer or your own refreshments, food, containers); change the standard setup of 10 tables if needed (see the photo at the bottom of this page); provide table coverings, decorations, D.J. or other entertainment; then afterward clean up (we help & provide materials) and re-setup to standard.
(Standard setup is 10 tables with 10 chairs each, in a pattern of 5 along each side of hall - see photo below since the photo at the top is not the standard plain setup.) You are allowed to rearrange a bit, or pull out more tables and chairs if needed, and later put them back.

We provide the following:  (for 100 or up to 170 people)

For common questions, see our Frequently-Asked-Questions page. For comparison, see our Enhanced Rentals page. You can drop by for a showing, and/or for a contract with down payment, by appointment only, by calling (513) 541-1155 or sending an email to

Price $ 695.00 ($195 down payment, $500 balance due 2 weeks before)

minus -100.00 earned rebate check after event*

Net .. $ 595.00

*Earn the $100 rebate by leaving the Hall in the same condition as found, as explained and determined by the HLI rental agent or the attendant at your function. Ask the D.J. to stop playing 15 minutes prior; guests must leave by end of contracted time. All trash bags must be put in the dumpster. You must be out of Hall 30 minutes after contract end-time.

Price for Weekday Funeral Gatherings: $100 an hour, no free setup/cleanup time, no rebate. Saturdays are generally not available because of setups for party rentals - submit a request to find out, and the agent will call you.

Extras are Available (prices effective 5/31/11):
Microphone & Speakers (PA system only-no D.J. music) $50.00
Projector, pc, & operator for your CD/DVD/flash drive photo or video files $50.00
Extra Rental Time (1 a.m. latest) $100.00 per hour (must be requested before the event)
Beverage Tap $25.00
Beverage Server $50.00
Rehearsal and/or Wedding before a Reception $100.00 if an extra hour needed same day/night; $495.00 if night before

The following picture shows the undecorated hall in standard setup for 100 people. At the end of your DIY event, you put it back this way if you changed setup. (You can also see a drawing of the standard setup.)

standard setup for
          100 people